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Expertly crafted, high quality outdoor equipment.

Welcome to Esker Outdoors. Our company is committed to manufacturing high quality gear right here in Canada from the finest North American sourced materials.

Our mission is to get you outdoors enjoying what nature has to offer all year round. Our hot tents will make your winter trip a safe and comfortable one, and our tools and accessories will ensure you have gear you can count on for years to come - no matter where your journeys take you.

  • Expertly Designed
  • Canadian Made
  • North American Materials
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

Esker Tents


A hot tent allows you to place a wood stove inside to keep warm in cold and damp climates. Our tents are made of highly durable Army cotton duck with a tight, four strand weave that swells in wet conditions (providing protection from rain and damp weather), yet is breathable - which means a safer tent when using a stove that allows for continuous moisture and airflow transfer.

Esker Tents are your best choice for use in any weather requiring a stove from winter blizzards to cool spring mornings to cold, rainy fall nights.

Inside a Hot Tent


All our tents are designed to be highly portable, compact and lightweight. Based on the design by Guy Hébert, The Esker Arctic Fox model comes in two variants, and its five sided single pyramid style structure means you can enjoy up to a 10’x10’ space with no need to carry or erect any pole kits.

While the 10x10 sleeps 3 - 4 persons with a stove, or 4 - 6 without, we also offer a 9x9 model that weighs a mere 6kg (13lbs) and is the perfect tent for 1-2 people seeking a lightweight, portable shelter that can be heated with a wood stove.

Inside a Hot Tent


Esker Arctic Fox 9x9
  • Made from 10.10 oz Army Duck 4 strand Sunforger Canvas
  • Centre peak: 2.25m (7'5")
  • Sidewall height: .45m (18")
  • Overal Area (approx): 7.5 Sq M (
  • 9'x9')
  • Weight: 6kg (13lbs)
  • Packed Dimensions: 30cm x 22cm x 55cm x (12" x 8.5" 21.5")
  • Made in Canada
Esker Arctic Fox 10x10
  • Made from 10.10 oz Army Duck 4 strand Sunforger Canvas
  • Centre peak: 2.3m (7'6")
  • Sidewall height: .76m (30")
  • Overal Area (approx): 9.3 Sq M (10'x10')
  • Weight: 8.5kg (19lbs)
  • Packed Dimensions: 32cm x 26cm x 55cm x (12.5" x 10" 21.5")
  • Made in Canada

Esker Tools

Buy Them For Life

Esker Tools are designed and manufactured in Canada, using the best materials and production methods to ensure functionality and durability. Born from many trips into the back country, all of Esker’s products are rigorously field tested, and meticulously manufactured so as to provide a lifetime of service in the outdoors.

Esker Tools

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